THE ABOVE SEAL IS NOT TO SCALE . IT IS AN EXAMPLE ONLY . 36-18A-44. Stamp or seal of licensees -- Contents -- Certain persons prohibited from using seal. Any licensed professional engineer, architect, land surveyor, and landscape architect shall procure and use an appropriate seal. The seal shall contain the following information: The Board is responsible for the administration and regulation of the professions of engineering and surveying. The North Carolina Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors The Board reviews applications, administers examinations, licenses qualified applicants, regulates the professional practice of the licensees throughout the state and investigates alleged violations of provisions of ... Official engineering and design documents must be stamped with the engineer’s name and registration numbers, per TCA 62-2-306. The Tennessee Society of Professional Engineers (TSPE) offers the stamps and embossers for sale as do a number of other online vendors. A professional license in New Mexico allows engineers and surveyors to legally represent themselves to the public as engineers and surveyors. Licensees can offer consulting engineering or surveying services to private and public entities. Engineers can perform engineering design or construction on private and public works. In case you have any questions on the North Carolina professional engineer stamp requirements or any other regulatory questions, we have included the North Carolina Engineer boards contact information below for your convenience. North Carolina State Board: North Carolina Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors 4601 Six Forks Rd., Suite 310

Seal and stamps for all states. Professional engineer seals, stamps an electronic files are manufactured for states to include California, Texas, New York, Florida and all other states that do not specify vendors. Architect, Surveyor & Professional engineer seals & stamps are manufactured and shipped daily. Policies 3D Modeling Policy BP-0607-2 rev.1 Audiovisual System Design BP-0512-1 Rev.1 Commissioning Policy BP-0501-1 Rev.1 Commissioning Validation BP-0507-1 Conservation Easements Policy BP-1502-1 Construction Staking BP-1003-1 Design/Installation of Petroleum Storage Tanks BP-1603-1 Rev.1 Easement Policy for Existing and New Easements BP-1709-1 Elevated Recreational Facilities BP-1112-1 ... State Professional Seals, Stamps, and Embossers. Licensed engineers, architects, landscape architects, and land surveyors are required to properly display their credentials on a variety of official documents. Corp Connect offers the quality products you need that meet all individual state seal requirements. KRS 322.340 requires every licensee to have an embossed metallic seal or a rubber stamp. Samples are depicted below. The minimum sizes are 1 3/8” for the engineering seal or stamp (maximum size of 1 5/8”) and 1 1/4” for the surveying seal or stamp (maximum size 1 1/2”). Professional Land Surveyor Sample Seal

Jul 25, 2013 · 245:15-17-2. Use of seal (a) The application of the licensee's signature and date of signature to a sealed document shall constitute certification that the work thereon was done by the licensee or under the licensee's direct control and personal supervision and that the licensee accepts full responsibility and liability for the professional work represented thereon. The eSeal is an electronic image of your engineer seal. This engineer seal is available in a 300 dpi image as JPG, DXF and TIF Formats. All of our professional stamps we produce are made to the state specifications, designated by your state board. Expertly mark your documents with our engineer seal stamps! Made to follow your state standards, we guarantee that you will be pleased with our engineer stamp products. Products are made in-house and ship in one business day! Check out our guide to engineer stamps and seals for more information. Home; Shop by Size; Shop by Use; Shop by Brand; Notary & Engineer Stamps; Corporate Stamps & Seals; Traditional Wood Stamps; Embossers; Refill Ink & Supplies This allows an engineer to affix a computer-generated seal and an electronic signature to an engineering work. This may then be submitted either electronically or in printed form. This does not prohibit an engineer from placing an original wet seal or seal impression, and/or an original signature on any engineering work.

KRS 322.340 requires every licensee to have an embossed metallic seal or a rubber stamp. Samples are depicted below. The minimum sizes are 1 3/8” for the engineering seal or stamp (maximum size of 1 5/8”) and 1 1/4” for the surveying seal or stamp (maximum size 1 1/2”). Professional Land Surveyor Sample Seal

The approved designs for engineer stamps and seals are shown above. You may use them in any size, as long as the stamp or seal is fully legible. How to use your stamp or seal. Your stamp or seal should be under your control at all times. If you're both a professional engineer and a professional land surveyor, you must have a stamp for each license. and reports for architectural, landscape architectural, professional engineering, design or professional land surveying practice shall be signed, sealed and dated by the registrant or permit holder who prepared, or directed and controlled preparation of, the written material, except as specified in sub. (5). Purchase your Professional Engineer Stamp, Architect Stamp, and Land Surveyor Stamp from PE Stamps. Order from us and we will exceed your expectations and deliver a high quality professional stamp that you will be able to use to seal your documents for many years to come!

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Digital Signature and PE Seal ... a JPG and TIFF of your seal for use on electronic files. ... the report as a professional engineer as opposed to approving it as a ... The seal authorized by the state board of registration for professional engineers and land surveyors for registrants is of the crimp type or rubber stamp, or electronic.

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and dated by the design engineer of record registered in the State of North Carolina. Professional seal is also required on the electrical plans for the design of the special systems, such as the stage lighting, the audio/video and the like. 5. An electrical symbol schedule and legend shall appear on the first sheet of the electrical drawings. Regardless of the FORMAT of your seal and signature (embossing, rubber-stamp, or digital), the licensee is responsible for the care, custody and use of his/her seal and signature. The licensee may use whatever format works best in his/her practice. Mississippi does not prohibit or restrict digital seals and signatures. Guideline 3: Professional Seals and Signatures . Meaning of Seal and Signature. The seal and signature of a licensee on a document indicates that the licensee takes professional responsibility for the work and to the best of the licensee’s knowledge and ability, the work represented in the document is accurate, in conformance with applicable codes at the time of submission and has been ... Engineer Seals & Embossers. The engineering and surveying professions require a combination of logical reasoning, math skills and application of scientific knowledge. Engineers solve real world problems and are required to show their credentials often. In order to provide documentation, an engineer needs a professional seal that meets governing ... The seal must bear the words “State of Ohio,” your name, your serial number, and the legend “Registered Professional Engineer” or “Registered Professional Surveyor.” The seal is described as size #1: 1-3/4" diameter for a rubber stamp seal or 1-5/8" diameter for an embossing seal. Seal illustrations are not actual size.